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We now have two dental surgeries, three minutes apart; this means our clients don’t have to travel far to get the right care they need. Camilla Solomon, General Manager of Oran Park Dental Care.

"Richard Solomon brings 40 years experience in dentistry to Oran Park – a fact that will bring a well-polished smile to the faces of many local residents. The new surgery compliments and expands the services already on offer at the Solomon’s Harrington Park surgery. “This is a great opportunity for us and for our existing customer base,” General Manager Camilla Solomon said of the Oran Park Podium. While Richard and his team are all experienced in general dentistry, each also has an area of expertise such as cosmetic dentistry, root canal and orthodon'tics. The Oran Park surgery offers an IV sedation, or ‘twilight sleep’, service option, which is administered under the care of a qualified anesthetist and a registered nurse. It also includes a new 3D Cone Beam scanner allowing for clearer images and easier diagnoses and is said to be radically transforming dentistry."

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